Personal Ramblings and Thoughts

Tear Off The Logo

I must say, that American Eagle, is the biggest rip off ever. Primarily, they are over priced. Secondly, you are buying a logo. Finally, they are getting you to advertise for them.


This American Eagle hoodie, costs $39.50. It has the American Eagle symbol on the outside, and it looks just like any other hoodie.

Target’s brand for clothing is Mossimo. The quality Mossimo puts into their clothes, is very surprising, for a store, that is sometimes put in the same category as Walmart. With the Mossimo brand, there is a lack of logo, good prices, and the quality is still there.


This is an example of a Mossimo zip hoodie. I have this exact hoodie actually. The price at Target, is $16.08. The durability of it, is absolutely amazing. I am not saying, that you should not buy at American Eagle, but do you really need to buy a logo? Buy good quality, cheap clothing. Do not be a follower, be a leader.


Why must parents be so controlling? Do they not see, that they are literally ruining their child’s life? Today, at a chess tournament, I saw first hand what can happen. There is really only three outcomes that can happen if a parent is controlling.

The first possible outcome is that the child becomes extremely weird. Lack of social interaction, being overprotected, and never making mistakes, leads to the child being a social misfit. In the long run, this will lead to the child becoming depressed, gaining weight (stress eating), and never learning social skills.

The second possible outcome, is that the child will begin hating the parent. Tensions will rise in the household, and when the child gets out of the house, they will never return. The parent will basically ruin all communication with the child.

The third possible outcome is that the child will rebel. By trying to make the child better, you are basically forcing the child to want something different. This can happen while the child is still at home, or when they get out of school. The child can start drinking, doing drugs, or fornicating.

Stop being a helicopter parent (those parents that hover over their children). If you happen to be this kind of a parent, slap yourself for me. Just let your children, make mistakes, and learn from them.

No Flip Flops Allowed

Looks like I learned something new today! There is such a thing as a “never-nude”. This apparently is where someone never likes to be nude, at all! Personally, I find that absolutely ridiculous. For some reason though, I can kind of understand how people might be like this.

I do not personally like to be vulnerable. This is why I never like wearing flip flops. What if I need to run someplace? What if I need to walk long distances? What if I need to have foot protection?

Tennis shoes are the way to go! A good pair of tennis shoes, can be used for almost anything. I once had a totally black pair of Nike Shocks. I used these particular shoes, for every situation. Weddings. Dances. Basketball. They were absolutely wonderful. Too bad I went camping, and accidentally burnt the bottoms. I should try to get another pair actually.

Lifestyle Change

After searching a little on WordPress, I found a blog, that mentioned dieting, and I thought to myself, why not talk about my view on dieting. For years, I have thought about different diet plans, and tried a few. The common problem with them all, is that they never worked.

One day, on Netflix, I watched a movie, called “Forks Over Knives”. This movie changed my life, for the better. Go, watch it right now! It talks about how the food in America, is slowly but surely killing you. I see this first hand every day in the cafeteria at my school! There are kids (actually about 90% of the students) who eat pizza, fried chicken, and fries, every single day, for lunch. It is doing a number on their health. These kids are getting high blood pressure, fat, and tired.

America is paying the price though, that is for certain. If Obama wants health care, he should first try to work on the preventive side of it. I see tons of people smoking, every day! I see hundreds of children and adults, who are obese, every day! I see numerous commercials advertising fast food and processed food, every day! I should not have to pay for your gastric bypass surgery, because you do not eat properly!

I have been doing the plant based whole foods lifestyle for a month now. I can not be happier. I have lost 10 pounds, and I can now fit in my khaki pants, comfortably. This, is a game changing movie, and game changing information. If you watch this movie, and you do not try this, I will be very dissapointed in the human race. When you find out how to stay healthy, you should at least want to attempt it.

Just, go ahead, and watch the movie, or buy the book, and try the lifestyle, for a month. I honestly, think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Follow The Leader

When you see something funny, interesting, sad, or compelling on a site, then you “follow”. Following was invented, so that one could get updates on new posts. What most people are using the function for lately, is to guilt trip people into returning the favor.

Do not try following me, for a follow back. It will not happen. Ever. I will follow you, if I find you worthy of a follow.

Why must people be stubborn, or lack the desire for adventure? Today, I tried to convince one of my friends to accompany me to a chess tournament. He promptly said “NO”. When I proceeded to ask him why, he had nothing to say.

Turns out, when faced with the chance to do something new, wacky and unusual, my friend cowers away. I reckon most people in our current time period, are content with just watching the old television, and doing nothing exciting. Where is that need for adventure?

From a young age, movie giants (such as Pixar and Disney), try to nurture and mold our need and thirst for adventure and creativity. Somewhere along the way between childhood and adulthood, adventure and imagination is crumpled up and tossed aside like a used tissue.

Stop checking Facebook or watching television, and try something new today. Variety truly is the spice of life.

Well, my iPad selling attempts on Craigslist are not working too well. First, my HP laptop kept freezing up, right when I got around to hitting the “publish” icon. Then, I finally get the post published using my iPad 2 (thank you very much Apple), but no replies for a couple of days. Yesterday, I finally get an email, and I am excited to find out that someone wants to buy it.

After about three hours emailing back and forth, and finally figuring out that it is just one big scam, I am back at square one. Finally, I take an Aspirin, and go to bed. When will I finally get this iPad 2 sold? I might just end up sticking with the old one, and waiting for the iPad 4 to come out. Lets just hope the selling of my iPhone 4S goes better than this.